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An Upgrade to all moving light fixtures

Smaller Brighter faster Stronger

“I can still remember the first time I saw a moving light trace the inside of a marquee, spiraling across the ceiling, changing colour and shape as it moved up and down, highlighting the band and the pa system. It was so new to me and completely mesmerizing”

Twisted Pair Productions has long been a player in the stage lighting equipment hire business, but felt that with the advent of newer, more powerful fixtures it was time for the bar to be raised.

All moving head spots have been upgraded from the Chauvet Intimidator 350 spots to the Chauvet Intimidator 375 IRC.

Intimidator FX 350 vs Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC

Almost 4x the Brightness!

9490 lux vs 38,000 lux at 2m, allowing the unit to punch all the way to the back wall using prisms and zoom for super wide spots while retaining bright beams.

Much Faster Motors!

Comparing the two models side by side the the 375z rotates and pans its whole axis consistently twice as fast as the FX 350.

Quick Locking Mounting Hardware!

Higher rated quarter turn thumbscrew locking mechanisms replace allen key bolts for attaching flyware brackets, speeding up installation and pack down and removing the need for specialist tools.

Increased Zoom Angles!

12-17 degrees vs 10-23 degrees allowing spot size to be both wider and finer depending on the desired look.

More Efficient Power Consumption

Despite doubling the power of the LED (75-150w) the power consumption of the unit has actually reduced down to 268w (@240v), a 17w decrease, allowing more fixtures to be run on a single circuit and reducing the overall economical and ecological footprint.

Intimidator Beam 140SR

As well as moving spots we have added moving beams to our inventory.

140SR Highlights

  • Cutting-edge moving head beam fitted with an intense 140 W discharge light engine.
  • Impressive 16-facet prism splits the beam and intensifies the excitement.
  • Motorized frost filter converts the tight beam to a wide wash for different applications.
  • Built-in totem mode keeps the light on and over the dance floor.
  • Unique 1/4-turn hanging bracket allows for single or dual clamp mounting options.
  • Non-DMX control with the optional IRC-6 wireless remote.
  • On-board power linking saves time running extension cords.

Lighting Hire With Twisted Pair

If you would like more information or would like to look into hiring any of our moving lights for your upcoming event, please feel free to get in contact with us.

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