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Heil PR-35

The Artists Favorite Choice

A live microphone with studio heritage

The Heil PR-35 is equally at home in your hand, as it is mic’ing a guitar cabinet, or cradled in a broadcaster’s boom. It provides excellent articulation & a natural upper mid-range along with a smooth flat response.

The PR-35’s high end frequency response and amazing sensitivity often leaves people confused about the fact that they are using a dynamic microphone, rather than a studio condenser. This in turn leads to much more controllable gain before feedback in a live situation, in comparison to a powered microphone.

What people are saying!

Studio Auditions (Review) – “Frankly, I just couldn’t wait to use this sucker! It certainly lived up to the hype. Every artist that has used one of mine has consistently said, “This is the best mic I have ever used.”

Live 2 Play Network (Review) – “Without getting into microphone physics, the special construction, and use of modern materials, allows the Heil Sound PR35 and the other PR series microphones to avoid the muddy proximity effect that occurs when one gets up close to the windscreen.

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