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PA Systems

PA System Hire

Twisted Pair Productions offers a wide range of PA Systems for hire or rent in Brisbane. We work with only the best brands, including NEXO, DiGiCo Rode and many more.

From small wireless and portable PA speakers through to a monster 17,000 watt front of house sound system, our PA system packages are fully scalable, and can be tailored to your needs. If you’re looking to rent or hire passive or active PA speakers for your party or concert, then Twisted Pair Productions have what you need.

If you just want a PA system that’s ready to go, have a look at our pre-assembled PA System packages below, or take a look at our full inventory of audio equipment.

Throwing a party? Our PA Systems go perfectly with our DJ Equipment Packages. They come with all the required cables and are fast and simple to set up.

If you’re just not sure what you need, or can’t find it on our site, give us a call and we will happily help you make some noise!

PA System Packages

Party PACK

A simple, easy to set up package. Perfect for birthdays and house parties. Powerful sound to seriously boost your playlist. Comes with a microphone and all cables included.

Capacity: Approx. 100 people

Cost: $99/day


  • 2 x 400w Powered Speakers
  • 1 x Allen & Heath Z10 Mixer
  • 2 x K&M Speaker Stands
  • 1 x iPod/Laptop Cable
  • 1 x Vocal Microphone
  • All Cables Included

Corporate Presentation PACK

Perfect for corporate presentations and functions, where focus and intelligibility are paramount. Includes a Wireless microphone system for a roaming presenter.

Capacity: Approx. 150 people

Cost: $130/day


  • 2 x 400w Powered Speakers
  • 1 x Allen & Heath Z10 Mixer
  • 2 x K&M Speaker Stands
  • 1 x iPod/Laptop Cable
  • 1 x Shure Wireless Microphone system with Handheld
  • Headset or Lapel Microphone
  • All Cables Included

Portable Wedding PACK

This All-In-One, compact, battery powered speaker package is perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies or anywhere where power availability is a problem. Has a built in CD/USB player. This package includes a wireless Handheld or Headset microphone.

Capacity: Approx. 80 people

Cost: $88/day


  • 1 x Chiayo Stage Pro
  • Built in CD/USB player
  • Includes wireless microphone (handheld or headset)
  • 1 x Speaker Stand
  • 1 x IPOD/Laptop cable
  • No other Cables needed

Small Band PACK

From the soloist to an intimate band performance, this system is great for large sound at a small price. Includes fold-back monitors, microphones, DI Boxes and Mic Stands.

Capacity: Approx. 120 people

Cost: $140/day


  • 2 x 400w powered speakers
  • 2 x K&M Speaker Stands
  • 1 x Yamaha MG16-4FX 12ch mixer
  • 2 x 400w powered foldback wedge
  • 3 x Shure SM58 Vocal Mic
  • 2 x Shure SM57 Instrument Mic
  • 2 x DI Boxes
  • 5 x Microphone Stand
  • All Cables Included


3000w FOH system. Powerful, yet easy to set up and operate. Great for a band performing in medium sized venues needing assurance that all bases are covered.

Capacity: Approx. 150 people

Cost: $330/day


  • 2 x 500w powered speakers
  • 2 x 800w Subwoofers
  • 2 x K&M Speaker Stands
  • 1 x A&H QU16 16 Channel digital Mixer
  • 4 x 400w powered foldback wedges
  • 4 x Shure SM58 Vocal Mics
  • 4 x Shure SM57 Instrument Mics
  • 4 x DI boxes
  • 8 x Microphone Stands
  • All Cables Included

Concert Pack

17,000 WATT FOH SYSTEM! Up to 6 sends of foldback! Great for Outdoor Events, Festivals, Large Street Parties or Concerts. Comes with a full compliment of microphones and DI boxes. Everything you need for a full concert stage!

Capacity: Approx. 800 people

Cost: $1100/day


  • 4 x RCF 6001-A 4 Way 1900w (pk) Powered Speakers
  • 2 x RCF 8006-A 5000w (pk) Dual 18 Inch Powered Subwoofers
  • 1 x Midas M32 32 Channel Digital Mixer
  • 6 x 400w foldback wedges
  • 6 x Shure SM58 Vocal Mics
  • 6 x Shure SM57 Instrument Mics
  • 8 Piece Drum Mic Pack
  • 6 x DI boxes
  • All Cables Included

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