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Why are NEXO the best PA speakers?

Because they sound so good

You might have heard Twisted Pair talking a lot about NEXO lately (or for the last 7 years if you’ve known us a while!), so we thought now is a good time to share why we choose NEXO, and why we think they make the best PA speakers around….

So, why do professional audio engineers suggest choosing NEXO PA speakers when hiring a sound system?

Again, the simple answer is: because they sound good!

And why does NEXO sound so good?

NEXO has been designed and manufactured in France with audio engineers in mind and satisfying their finely tuned ears has cemented NEXO sound equipment in music festivals and sound hire companies world wide. Consistency in quality sound and ongoing development has been paramount to NEXO’s approach, which has seen the development of its Sound System Processing.

racks of amplifiers set up at the pan pac games

Large rack of amplifiers being run by Twisted Pair Productions at the latest Pan Pac Games

How does NEXO Processing work?

All NEXO speakers are are paired with NEXO processing, ensuring that NEXO sound is translated across all of their systems, and that quality control is not left to an external developer or user.

NEXO processing involves multiple stages and components, including:

  • Amplifier Sensing and Protection

    NEXO matches all of their speakers with amplifier sensing processors that ensure consistent operation and almost eliminate the chance of causing damage to their speakers. This, along with DC amp protection and super fast components, means that the audio engineer can focus on the music and making it sound good, rather than worrying about blowing up the sound system. Avoiding a blown speaker element in a sound system is crucial, not only because it sounds horrible, but it has the potential to cause high frequency distortion that can damage people’s hearing in a very short time.

  • Input Filtering and Equalisation

    This stage ensures that every NEXO speaker sounds like a NEXO. By designing and working within the speaker’s natural resonances, NEXO speakers can pre-process the incoming signal to ensure that what the listener hears is smooth and undistorted. This also means the sound is flat across the full audio spectrum so the audio engineer has a clean slate to work with. Incorporating this flat response sound system is crucial to ensure that the artist’s work translates to the crowd. This is in stark contrast to some other brands of speakers. With NEXO, any music source will sound good, not just a certain genre or style.

  • High quality AD/DA conversion

    This ensures that the signal is accurately represented and floating point DSP provides digital processing headroom far surpassing analogue bandwidths.

The NEXO Tangent Array

The modern line array has replaced the unstable stacks of speakers by the side of the stage, that dangerously loomed over crowds in the past. Line arrays combine compact speaker boxes that have been engineered to provide perfect phase relationships between each other and couple together while providing even frequency dispersion .

While similar to the line array, NEXO’s proprietary technology; the Tangent Array, offers something new to the audio engineering world. When using standard line array boxes, the systems engineer has to be constantly aware of frequency node overlap. In many cases complicating the audio path by introducing gain “shading”, frequency compensation and other phase altering equalization circuits. The NEXO Tangent array solves this by using precise waveguides to split the mid frequency drivers into two. In essence, the driver is treated as two smaller drivers. This allows the systems engineer to overcome the issues associated with node overlap – simplifying the audio path and guaranteeing even, high quality audio dispersion.

nexo tangent array in action at the stradbroke festival

Not only are they safer, and sound better, but they look damn good!

Choosing NEXO? Choose Twisted Pair

Twisted chose NEXO 7 years ago and haven’t looked back, in fact we’re about to expand our catalogue with the even bigger flagship STM system. As the largest suppliers of NEXO in Brisbane, the experienced Twisted crew can answer your NEXO questions and has all of your audio equipment hire needs covered for indoor and outdoor events, community and corporate events, live gigs, small and large festivals, and much, much more.

Sharing is Caring

nexo tangent array in action at the stradbroke festivalracks of amplifiers set up at the pan pac gamesnexo tangent array in all its glory run by twisted pair productions at the stradbroke festivalNEXO tangent array or NEXO line array powering Strandbroke festival the best PA speakers for outdoor festivals

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